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About Us

Belize has all you need in a vacation....

Lush Jungles
World-class Diving
Ancient History
Gastronomic Delights
Abundance of Flora and Fauna
Natural History

Book with us and lets us show you Belize...

We have won the Travel and Hospitality Award, Eco-Friendly Jungle Lodge and TripAdvisor’s Award of Excellence so we know what we are doing in this industry plus…..this isn’t a job to us because we enjoy it way too much. We love sharing our home and our country with you….so….come one over.

Taste the flavors of Belize

Melting Pot

Belize is described as a melting pot of cultures and this is the inspiration of all dishes served at our open-air palapa restaurant.

Fresh + Organic + Heathly = Delicious

Fruits, vegetables, meats (land & marine) are all locally sourced and super fresh. Cooking with quality ingredients and using family recipes makes each dish pop with amazing flavors.


We cater to (almost) all your food lifestyle choices . . . vegetarian, vegan, meatlover, gluten-free . . . you name it, we’ll whip it up.

Our Belize

6 Districts

The tiny nation of Belize, once known as British, but still barely known to the world due its size and peacefulness. Belize is bout the size of the state of Massachusetts. Gaining independence in 1981 from England, Belize is a fairly young self-governing country. Belize is divided into 6 districts – Cayo (west), Belize (east), Corozal and Orange Walk (north), and Stann Creek and Toledo (south).

Central America

Belize is bordered in the north by Mexico, on the west and south by Guatemala and the east be the Caribbean Sea.

The Jewel

People come from all over the globe to experience Belize’s natural wonders… from lush jungles to pristine waters for world-class diving with Norse sharks, sting rays and color fishes and coral. Belize boasts the 2nd largest Barrier Reef in the world and the only living one in the Western Hemisphere. Belize is also home to many Archaeological Sites dating back to the Pre-Classic period of the Mayas.


The peoples of Belize are described as a melting-pot of cultures. We have descendants of the Mayas, we have Creoles, Mestizo, Mennonites, East Indians, Chinese, Garifunas. Each culture is vibrant and unique in its beliefs and practices all contributing to the fabric of our nation. You will experience gastronomic delights made from corn or plantains, fish or local chicken, ground foods and game meats.


Is Belize Safe

We acknowledge that this is a very important concern for our travelers and the answer is …yes, Belize is safe. You may read about Belize’s crime rate but please don’t let this dampen your travel mode. Violence is not aimed at travelers. Like every country, the crime is focused within the city itself and is among rival groups. We advise guests the same way we are advised when we travel, to stay away from “shady” neighborhoods and individuals. Tourism is a major industry in Belize and Belizeans look out for their guests and are always helpful with directions and information.

What to pack

Belize has tropical to sub-tropical climates so we recommend light-weight, cotton, casual clothing – t-shirts; shorts; sturdy sandals, tennis/sneakers; socks; a light sweater/jacket; hat/caps; lots of sunscreen and repellent; camera; extra batteries. You may consider packing a long sleeve shirt if your are prone to sunburning easily.


Everywhere in Belize the US Dollar is accepted. The exchange is US$1.00 to $2.00 BZ. There are ATM machines in San Ignacio and banks also. Other currencies are not readily accepted unless at the bank and the exchange rate can be very high (up to 25%), we recommend bringing US Dollars for purchasing souvenirs and for street vendors, most establishments accept visa/credit cards.

WIFI, Electricity & Water

Inn The Bush Eco-Jungle Lodge is totally off the grid and we are proud of this practice leaving a minimal carbon footprint. We run on solar power, there is wifi in the restaurant area and our water is rain collection. Our guests can connect/charge their electronics in their cabins anytime they want. We do ask that you be conservative with the use of the resources in the cabins – turn off lights or fans when not in use or when you leave the cabin, short showers, turn off shower when lathering or brushing teeth. Use of hair dryers and heat producing appliances are strongly discouraged.

Why Us

Apart from providing a great cabin and mouth-watering meals, we are a great location. just a short 25 minute drive from San Ignacio, you get to experience lush jungle, a place to (re)connect with family & friends, and a jump-off point to adventure.

Getting Here

There are several ways to get to Inn The Bush....

Renting a car...

When you arrive at the International Airport in Belize you can rent a car from any of the various rental agencies there…during the rainy season which starts in June, we do recommend getting a vehicle with 4-WD or All-Wheel Drive. We are a 2.5 hour drive from the airport and the same distance from the water taxi in Belize city.

Whichever choice you make, either renting a car or getting a shuttle, you can make a stop at the Belize Zoo which is at the half-way point to the lodge. It is a beautiful little zoo with animals native to Belize.

Go to Google Maps.
Click “Get Directions”
Point A: Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport, Ladyville, Belize.
Point B : Inn The Bush Eco-Jungle Lodge, Cristo Rey Road, San Ignacio.

Landmarks to look for when arriving in Sana Elena Town will see the CP Gas Station on your right, just a few yards ahead on your left will be your turn off from the highway – Cristo Rey Road. from there you will go 6 miles where you will see our sign. Turn in here and drive for 2 miles where you will arrive at the lodge where a welcome cocktail awaits you.


Another way of getting to the lodge without the hassle of driving yourself is by shuttle which you can request when making your reservation. There are other shuttle services available where the cost can be shared among the group if you are added to a group shuttle.

Travel Local...

If you are on a budget or not and want to travel like a local…hop on a bus that says “Benque” and that will bring you to San Ignacio where we can either pick you up or have a local taxi bring you to the lodge. This will take you a little longer than the first two options but you will have fun and intersting stories to tell about your experience.

Contact Us

Let us help you get ready for your get-away!

If you have a question about your vacation rental or about our neighborhood services, just ask.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Travel Local...

Macaw Bank, Cayo, Belize

WhatsApp: +(501) 670-6364

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