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Adventure Tours

Full Day Tours

  • Cahal Pech &/or Xunantunich $75.00
  • Tikal (Guatemala) $145.00
  • A.T.M. Cave $100.00
  • Caracol $95.00 (includes Rio On Pools, Big Rock Falls, Rio Frio Cave
  • Natural Pools & Adventure $75.00 (Swimming, ziplining, kayak, nature¬†hike,picnic)

Full day tour prices include water, park fee, licensed tour guide, lunch.

Prices are in U.S. Dollars and are per person. Some prices are due to change during the low season and discount is given to groups/families.

Guests are asked to take sunscreen, hat, extra water, snack, camera, repellent, towel, hiking sandals/trainers, swimwear/shorts, spending money for souvenirs.

Half Day Tours

  • Ziplining
  • Chocolate Making
  • Iguana Conservation Exhibit
  • Horseback riding
  • Jungle Hiking
  • Canoeing

Birds! Birds! Birds!

On our property alone a Birder has spotted 52 species in a single day!!!

Our Professional Birders have various lovely places they take guests to bird-watch. They know exactly where to take guests to spot prize birds, they know their calls and valuable information. If you are an avid Birder, let us know and we will link you with someone great in the field.

All tours are sourced through a licensed tour company who employ friendly, knowledgeable and licensed tour guides.

Contact us to get your jungle adventure started!

Surrounding Areas

San Ignacio

Just a 25 minute drive from the lodge, we encourage our guests to visit San Ignacio town and see what life is like in a small town. There is the famous market where we get our local fruits and veggies. Open 7 dyas a week with Saturday being the busiest day when the villagers come out as well. It is a social thing where you see families feasting on the traditional street foods. If you are curious about any of the foods, just ask, they’ll gladly assist you with explanations.

Cristo Rey and San Antonio

Both small villages, but you wouldn’t know that San Antonio is more of a Maya community than Cristo Rey with their concrete houses and cars, but they do speak the language and hold to the traditions. You may find it fascinating to stop in either of them to chat with the locals.


Have you ever gone on a vacation and ate something you absolutly enjoyed and wish you could make it at home to bring back that memory of your vacation?

Well, we offer cooking classes at the lodge!!! Depending on what you would like to learn, we make it a full day themed experience…from breakfast to shopping for our supplies and having what was learned for dinner.

Iguanas. Iguanas. Iguanas.

The S.I.R.H. has been protecting these babies for years and reintroducing them back into nature. There is a tour every hour on the hour where you can learn all about the Iguanas… you can even Adopt one if you like…imaging your very own “Iggy”. Fun for adults and kids alike having baby Iguanas scurrying around and on you.

Mayan Gold....

Come get your hands working. Visit a local chocolate shoppe where you get to grind your own cacao beans and taste it at every stage…from drinking to molding….it’s mmm mmm good.

But that's surely not all....

So much to do and so little time…we can also arrange horseback riding tours, canoeing, bird watching, jungle hikes, night hikes, village tours, water parks…..just let us know and we’ll make it happen.

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